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In Texas, all felonies are charged by an indictment in front of a grand jury. The prosecutor presents the state's evidence to the grand jury, which then decides whether there is enough probable cause to believe that a crime took place. At the Austin Law Offices of Jeff Senter, PC, we know how to use a grand jury hearing to our advantage, and prevent a felony indictment, taking every opportunity to build the best possible defense.

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Although defense attorneys are not allowed in the grand jury room while the prosecution presents their evidence, the grand jury process still presents many opportunities for the defense to influence the grand jury proceedings. We take full advantage of the pre-indictment period between the arrest and the grand jury hearing, making sure the state is fully aware that we are ready to fight.

If you are the subject of a grand jury investigation, the earlier you contact our firm, the better your chances of minimizing any exposure to indictment and potential consequences. By taking action early, we will work to achieve a ruling of "no bill". A "no bill" ruling is a refusal to indict by the grand jury.

There are a variety of specific tactics which we can use before your grand jury indictment, including independently investigating or locating previously unknown witnesses. Even clarifying the scope of the state's interest in your case can be a huge advantage.

Jeff Senter has presented evidence to grand juries and he understands the system from the state's perspective. He knows the challenges the state must overcome to get an indictment and he knows how to use his unique understanding of the Texas grand jury system to build the best possible defense for his clients.

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When you are building a strong defense, you want to use every opportunity to gain an advantage. With 20 years of criminal law experience, attorney Jeff Senter knows how to use grand jury hearing to your advantage. Our large and helpful staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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