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Though a single conviction for lewd conduct or indecent exposure is a simple misdemeanor, additional convictions bring mandatory sex offender status. Even if you believe you are falsely accused or unjustly targeted, it is imperative to obtain counsel from an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer. At the Austin Law Offices of Jeff Senter, PC, we focus on providing strong criminal defense for our clients.

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In Texas, gay and lesbian couples are not afforded the option of marriage. Thus, behaviors common for heterosexual couples, such as kissing in public, may be considered lewd by the police if engaged in by homosexual couples. Further, areas known to be popular among GLBT individuals and couples, including specific parks or adult entertainment venues, may also attract police conducting sting actions. In pretending to be gay, VICE officers may encourage lewd and lascivious behavior, such as indecent exposure or masturbation, in order to make an arrest.

Overly affectionate teenagers may also find themselves facing charges for public lewdness. Aggressive kissing and groping/fondling is not viewed as appropriate in public areas, including movie theatres and vehicles. If a complaint is made or if officers feel the level of affection goes beyond appropriate, criminal action may be taken.

Protecting Rights and Reputations

Sex crimes charges for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct are considered Class A misdemeanors, not felonies. However, if you receive two or more convictions, the result can be catastrophic: you will be required to register as a sex offender. It is essential to obtain an aggressive defense the first time a sex crime is filed.

At Law Offices of Jeff Senter, our legal team utilizes creative defense strategies when building cases for our clients. We understand the sensitive nature of sex crimes charges, regardless of sexual orientation or age, and work discretely to make sure our clients' rights are protected and their reputations are vindicated.

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