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Every person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. At the Law Offices of Jeff Senter, PC, we make sure that is the case. Providing criminal defense counsel for misdemeanors and felonies in the state and federal courts of Texas, we believe that all people deserve a thorough and dignified defense. Whether you face federal fraud charges or your first DWI, we will help you build the best possible defense.

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A highly client-focused practice, we are proactive and thorough in our approach. We investigate all opportunities to build the best possible defense, including early engagement with the grand jury and investigative process. We also use our highly developed negotiation and trial skills to make the best of bad situations by working to lower charges and minimize the potential consequences.

Dedicated to the practice of criminal defense, our clients are our first priority. While we have 20 years of legal experience in a wide range of areas, we never let the concerns of the trade overshadow the welfare of our clients. Providing criminal defense for a wide range of clients, we understand the unique concerns of many of our clients, including celebrities, professional athletes, and business people.

A Wide Range of Criminal Defense Counsel

Whatever type of criminal law concerns you may face, we will give you an honest and candid assessment of your situation. Instead of avoiding serious problems, we will confront them from day one and look for serious solutions. Providing criminal defense for a wide range of cases, we can protect your rights in the state and federal courts of Texas.

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We know how hard the criminal defense process can be on our clients. That is why we provide accessible service, available to our clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our helpful staff will be more than happy to help you with your concerns along the way. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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